Phantom flex 4k manual

Phantom flex manual

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Premium Phantom image performance and frame rates are now in a new and compact form factor. Basic Accessories. Phantom Flex 4K 128GB with PL mount and EF mount. The Phantom Flex 4k camera sensor is Super 35mm CMOS (31. PHANTOM Flex 4k For Hire/Sale/rent( we can sell your high speed cam) Pre-Owned. Page 43 “+5”. 1920 XX 9. The Phantom Flex4K is a full-featured digital cinema camera, capable of speeds that range from standard frame rates to over 1,000 frames-per-second (fps) at 4K and up to 2,000 fps at 2K pixel resolution.

The Phantom Flex4K is a digital cinema camera capable of shooting standard sync-sound or ultra slow-motion frame rates up to 1,000 frames-per-second (fps) at 4K resolution, and up to approximately 2,000 fps at 2K. On-Camera Controls Phantom CineMag IV & CineStation IV. With up to 1,000 fps in 4K the images are compatible with major color grading and video editing applications and support standard sync-sound frame rates.

Phantom Flex4K Manual. The Phantom 3 4K comes with a 16 GB Micro SD card and supports Micro SD cards with a capacity of up to 64 GB. 2-CO-BBD1505F-25B Premium Belden 1505F Digital Video BNC Cable w. 1-VRI-TRIG-PIC* Trigger Pickle Switch. BESTeck Flexible Gimbal Flat Ribbon Flex Cable Part 49 for DJI Phantom 3 Pro & Advance/4K. You can capture from 15fps to 1000fps at 4K and almost fps at 2K/1080p. Phantom Flex Manual Phantom Flex Manual.

Lower image noise and a higher dynamic range than the Flex 2K makes this a very attractive option for ultra high-speed digital capture. The super-35mm 4K sensor provides sharp, detailed images with extremely low noise and high dynamic range. com: dji phantom 3 flex cable. In its top configuration, it captures colour high-speed images in 12bit Cine raw format at up to 1,000 frames-per-second in 4K and at almost 2,000 frames-per-second in FullHD. Designed for the cinematographer, the Phantom Flex4K is a high-speed camera providing exceptional flexibility with its frame rate capabilities and by adapting to different shooting styles. 4096 XK std ) 1000 FPS.

Phantom Flex4K Creative Painting UltraHD/4K 1000fps - Duration: 2:45. 5 mm Super-35mm; 31. From United States. Phantom Flex4K high-speed camera with 128GB offers flexibility, low noise, and high dynamic range. Learn more about the Phantom 4 Pro with specs, tutorial guides, and user manuals. 1-AB-PFL-C400 2 Cine-Style Riser for Phantom Flex. Lens/ Sensor Coverage Charts. The Phantom Flex4K delivers low noise, high resolution 4K imaging at super 35mm format.

Building upon the award winning technology of Phantom digital cinema products, the Flex4K combines features found in the latest cinema cameras with those. Until now, The Phantom Flex was the only camera capable of 4K super slow motion capture, however, the Phantom VEO4K achieves this in a much more versatile format, since it is both lightweight enough for shoulder-mounted use (fully stripped-down, the body weight is just 2. Phantom Flex4K Manual Chapter 4: On-Camera Controls.

Use the on-board camera controls instead of a computer or other interface to adjust settings and control the camera. This sensor can work in two modes: 4k and 2k. The most obvious difference is the pixel resolution: The original Phantom Flex (aka Flex 2K), has a phantom flex 4k manual 2.

Connectors Quick Start Guide. The Phantom VEO 4K high speed camera is full of heavyweight features; equipped with a Super35 sensor size (industry standard) that captures images up to 4K at 1000 FPS in 12-bit RAW, FPS at 2K (native support in Premiere Pro and FCP X), so no more Cine-Mag hassle! Its Super 35mm 4K sensor delivers sharp, detailed images. 7mm diagonal) of 9. 1-AB-PWR-SUPPLY -221W-24V Power Supply.

5K is one of the most advanced high-speed cameras on the market. phantom flex 4k manual 4 Gpx throughput in the Cine Raw file format. 3840 x 2160 (UHD) 1000 FPS. It is capable of shooting real sync sound 24p framerate and can be changed on the fly to an unprecedented 1,000 frames per second at 4K, and up to 2,000 frames per second at 2K/1080p. A proprietary super-35mm 4K CMOS sensor provides ultra low-noise images with exceptional detail and a wide dynamic range. it’s droolworthy). This camera will allow you to capture crisp Ultra High Definition 4k video at incredible high speeds at up to 1,000 fps.

The camera comes with a hefty price tag—k-0k—so it has always been more rental-oriented. 4096 X 2304 (max res) 938 FPS. 5K sensor and the Flex4K has a full 4K sensor. Package Includes Phantom Flex 4K High Speed Camera Body OLED Viewfinder Remote On / Off Switch PCU2 Camera Control Macbook Pro 15″ ATTO Thunderlink System Cine Station Card Reader 4 x Anton Bauer On-board Batteries Phantom Flex product information PC&E. Page 14• Loop Mode - image data is recorded to camera internal memory (RAM buffer / circular buffer) prior to saving it to an attached Phantom CineMag IV or external hard drive. PHANTOM FLEX 4K 64GB (2) 2TB Cinemag (1) Cinestation (1) Sanlink2 Thunderbolt 2 to 10GBase-T Ethernet Bridge Adapter (1) Macbook Pro w/ Seance & PCC Software (3) Blueshape 190HD Battery Pack (1) Blueshape CVTR2 Dual Charger (1) VRI Power Plug (1) XLR R3 to XLR R3 Power Cable (1) AbelCine 220W / 24v Power Supply (1) Cine-Style Riser (1) Trigger.

Do not insert or remove the Micro SD card when the Phantom 3 4K is turned on. The Phantom Flex 4K is the perfect A-Camera on any production. Phantom Flex Manual Phantom Flex Manual The Phantom Flex offers unprecedented flexibility in all areas of high-speed image capture. We created this video in conjunction with SES com), a worldwide satellite company with headquarters in Luxembourg. Vision Research - Phantom Flex 4K - NAB - Duration: 1:24.

PhotoVideoSamplesEtc 6,839 views. Download the DJI GO app to capture and share beautiful content. 75 µm pixel size 27.

Continue reading →. There are many other differences, which we have tried to capture here:. 5mm (Super-35mm) while working in 2k mode the sensor reduces its size to 13. Camera Overview 1.

’ annotator will cause the software to append the cine’s image number (relative to the trigger point) to the file name. VRI-VF-WBUNDLE* Phantom Viewfinder, OLED, with Bundle Purchase (Includes Bracket) Camera Support. Phantom Flex4K Manual Chapter 4: On-Camera Controls.

Optional Accessories. • EI (Exposure Index) is a reference value for the. 5kg) and has a form factor smaller than a RED EPIC.

The Phantom Flex 4k is known to be the ultimate tool for slow-motion capture: it shoots 938 fps in 4K and 1,984fps at 2K, producing extremely mesmerizing footage (seriously, look at some clips. Equipped with a 1-inch 20MP camera, the Phantom 4 Pro is capable of shooting 4K 60fps video and 14fps Burst Mode stills. The Phantom Flex 2K sometimes referred to as the Phantom Flex 2. When working in 4k mode the sensor adopts 27. The Phantom Flex 4K is Vision Research’s latest offering for the Motion Picture market.

The Flex 4K has in camera controls for menu and trigger functions and offers 64GB of internal storage. The Flex is over two stops more sensitive than previous generation cameras at 1,000 ISO, making it the most sensitive high-speed camera in the production market. The Phantom Flex 4K camera enables image acquisition in all resolutions used in the film industry, including the anamorphic 2:1 format. SES is a great group to co. Find the latest fixes, how-tos, guides, accessories, modifications, and more.

It has a max flight time of 30 minutes, and a max transmission range of 4. With the camera&39;s low noise, high dynamic range and frame rate, you will be able to capture the fasted motion underwater in. Phantom CineMag IV 2TB. FLEX4K-ULTRA Phantom Flex4K Ultra Bundle: 64GB Flex4K, 2x2TB CM + CS + VF - 1 Phantom Flex, 64GB Color Camera W/ PL Mount - 2x 2TB CineMag IV - 1 CineStation IV - Power supply and cable - PL lens mount - Ethernet connection cable - phantom flex 4k manual 5 Meters - 1 year warranty on parts and labor - Vision Research Camera Control Software - Glue Tools Software License - Printed Manual Phantom. 1 out of 5 stars 7. Gates PF4K Underwater Housing for phantom flex 4k manual Phantom Flex 4K Camera: Gates is proud to announce the PF4K Underwater Housing for Phantom Flex 4K Cinema Camera. Phantom Flex 4K - User Manual. Anton Bauer Cine VCLX 560wh Battery - 14.

29mm (Super-16mm). Buy It Now +C 8. The Phantom Flex4K is a full-featured digital cinema camera, capable of speeds that range from standard frame rates up to 1,000 frames-per-second (fps) at 4K and almost 2,000 fps at 2K resolution. Listing description. Compared to its predecessor, this camera offers improved sensitivity making it easier to achieve proper exposure even with low exposure times required by high-speed takes. The full- size images are delivered via 9. manual manufacturer website The Phantom Flex 4K is a full-featured digital cinema camera, capable of speeds that range from standard frame rates up to 1,000 fps at 4K and almost 2,000 fps at 2K. Phantom Flex 4K Camera Rental Trained Technicians & Cinematographers Take your visual storytelling to the next level with gorgeous high-speed digital photography.

It replaces the Phantom HD Gold Phantom camera. Phantom Help is a site for help with DJI Phantom 3 4K drones. Phantom Flex 4K SENSOR SPECIFICATIONS CMOS sensor 4096 x 2304 pixels 6. 7mm diagonal Super-16mm format at 1920 x 1080 Base ISO Color 200 D Exposure index rangeRecommended EIColor Base ISO Monochrome 800 D 12-bit MEMORY 32, 64, or 128GB high-speed internal RAM CineMag.

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Phantom flex 4k manual

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